2014 ASRS Meeting

The 32rd annual meeting of the American Society of Retinal Specialists, formerly The Vitreous Society, took place in August this year.

VMR Institute’s founding director Dr. Sebag presented on VMR Institute’s experience with limited vitrectomy for floaters. In our scientific study of the effects of floaters on vision, we found a 75% degradation of contrast sensitivity. Following limited vitrectomy contrast sensitivity normalized in every single case tested so far (now 50 cases). Of the 100 cases VMR has studied in the past two years, there were no cases of infection, no cases of retinal detachment, one case of bleeding that cleared spontaneously after two weeks, and no cases of glaucoma. Only 23% of patents have required cataract surgery within 2 years after vitrectomy, which is less than half of the reported incidence elsewhere (varies from 50 to 80%). This is because of the way the “limited” approach to surgery has been designed to mitigate against both retinal detachments and cataracts.

All patients are extremely happy.


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