Diagnosing and Curing Eye Floaters

CRB_3764 For over 100 years, the The American College of Surgeons has organized an annual clinical congress that was held this year in San Diego. Dr. Jerry Sebag lectured at the congress, sharing the experience at the VMR Institute for Vitreous Macula Retina in treating patients with Vision Degrading Vitreopathy, a new term that refers to clinically significant vitreous opacities, or floaters.



CRB_3778Today, nearly 200 patients have been treated at VMR Institute with excellent results. Dr. Sebag summarized the use of novel diagnostic methods to characterize and quantify the structural changes in the vitreous body that cause vitreous floaters and the methods that have been developed at VMR to measure the impact on vision and diagnose Vision Degrading Vitreopathy. The techniques developed at VMR to cure this condition are now proven to be very safe and extremely effective, as described by Dr. Sebag to the congress.

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