Dr. Sebag to Lecture on Vitreous Floaters at the Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology

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Dr. Sebag Will Deliver the Inaugural Robert Machemer Lecture at the Soe Biennial Congress.


VMR Institute, a leading facility for treatment of disorders of Vitreous, Macula, and Retina in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, announced today that Dr. Sebag has been named the keynote lecturer of retina at the 2019 European Society of Ophthalmology’s biennial congress.

“I am humbled and deeply honored to be delivering the first Robert Machemer lecture before this important gathering of ophthalmologists” states Dr. Sebag. He goes on to describe that “In honor of Dr. Machemer, I chose to entitle the lecture ‘Vitrectomy for Vision Degrading Myodesopsia“. 

 The European Society of Ophthalmology was founded on April 26, 1956 and represents 44 national Ophthalmological Societies in Europe. Biennial congresses attract 2 – 3,000 Ophthalmologists from Europe and the world. Each congress features 4 keynote lectures in different subspecialties. This year, the retina keynote lecture is named in perpetuity after Dr. Robert Machemer, inventor of vitrectomy, the operation that revolutionized the surgical cure of blindness from many serious eye diseases.

While paying homage to Dr. Machemer’s monumental contributions of the past, Dr. Sebag hopes to use this opportunity to alert the audience to the importance of new advances in our understanding of how vitreous can negatively impact vision and quality of life and how Dr. Machemer’s invention has evolved to now be able to cure this condition and restore vision and improve quality of life safely.

“It is truly a great privilege to be able to share the past 3 decades of my research and development in this area with the attendees of this important meeting, and hopefully promote better eye care for their patients in Europe and throughout the world”, reflects Dr. Sebag.

J. Sebag, MD will give the inaugural Robert Machemer lecture of the European Society of Ophthalmology on June 14, 2019.

About the European Society of Ophthalmology

SOE is short for Societas Ophthalmologica Europea and is the European Society of Ophthalmology which represents 44 National Ophthalmological Societies in Europe. The decision to create SOE was made on April 26, 1956 “to promote ophthalmology in Europe and to stimulate cooperation between European ophthalmologists via their National Societies”. Over the past 50 years, SOE has grown to represent all of the 40 European countries’ ophthalmological societies as well as over 40,000 European ophthalmologists.

About VMR Institute for Vitreous Macula Retina

For decades, the VMR Institute in Huntington Beach has been a leading facility for treatment of disorders of Vitreous, Macula, and Retina. In addition to providing outstanding care for patients in the Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas, Dr. Sebag, and Dr. Chong also lend their expertise and knowledge to medical professionals throughout the country and the world.

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About the Author
Dr. Sebag specializes in treatment of diseases of the retina, vitreous, and macula. He has authored three books, as well as many articles, chapters and editorials on diseases, drug therapy, and surgery.
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