“I can’t recommend Dr. Sebag more highly. He has provided a resolution to a problem that was greatly affecting my lifestyle and one that others told me wasn’t possible.”

– R.S.



  • “Dr. Jerry Sebag is one of the most professional and caring physicians I know, and being an ophthalmologist myself, I’ve known many. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sebag early in his career. He is a man of percipient intellect whose search for knowledge has placed him at the frontiers of research on vision. He is renowned internationally as a lecturer and teacher of doctors. I am fortunate to call him my doctor, and proud to call him my friend.”

  • “I usually accompany my wife to Dr. Sebag’s office and on occasion I’ve asked him to check me, too. One time, he picked up an early case of a serious eye disorder. Dr. Sebag’s astute diagnosis and early recommendation for therapy allowed me to preserve much of the central vision I would otherwise have lost. Having been in medical research years ago, I always enjoy discussing the latest ophthalmic research with Jerry, who is always up-to-date because he does so much research and teaching himself.”

  • “Dr. Sebag has generously given his time to help patients of the SOS Free Medical Clinic. Our patients have benefitted greatly from his expertise. We truly appreciate his charitable support.”

    -Dr. Patrick Chen – SOS Associate Medical Director

  • “From Optometry School at Cal Berkeley, in which we had guest instructors who were Ophthalmologists, to all of the Ophthalmology lecturers I have heard in the path through the years, your commitment, passion and expertise is the highest and the best. Thank you for your willingness to share a slice of your vast knowledge with optometrist. I want to sincerely compliment you for your lifetime of unwavering dedication to the scholarly exploring of the mysteries of the vitreous as well as educated and increasing your peer’s knowledge of the nearly invisible structure.

    It truly is with the highest respect because you undoubtedly made some difficult decisions through the years in terms of the choice of doing full-time surgery or dedicating valuable time to your personal research (resulting in your subsequent publications).

    It must be very gratifying to see the evolution of diagnosis, to surgery, to pharmacology, to eventual prevention as a result of your unwavering research.

    You, sir, are truly a highly appreciated, very professional Ophthalmologist and one of Ophthalmology’s brightest stars.

    With Sincere Admiration

    -Bill Harrison, OD




    • Anne Marie K.

      Judith K“My mother has been coming to Dr. Sebag for six years. She has been an avid reader all her life and here she is at age 92 still reading biographies, books on history and science, novels, classics and more. Without the care of Dr. Sebag she would have lost her sight years ago. We are so grateful!

      • L.L.

        I cannot say enough about Dr. Sebag and his staff at the VMR Institute.  In July, at a routine eye exam, my optometrist, Dr. Berman, suspected I had the beginnings of dry macular degeneration, and immediately referred me to Dr. Sebag, a specialist in such matters.  From the moment I walked into his Huntington Beach office, I knew I would be in good hands.  His office staff were kind, caring, efficient and friendly.  Tests were completed immediately, and it was found that I had a pucker in my retina which could be taken care of through surgery.  Dr. Sebag thoroughly explained the procedure that I would be undergoing.  The surgery was performed in October, and within two weeks, I noticed a difference in my vision.  Since that time, I have had several follow-up visits with Dr. Sebag.  My last one was this week, and I am happy to say that my sight is back to normal and I am feeling fantastic!  There are not enough words to thank Dr. Sebag and his staff for seeing me through this difficult time.  I am honored to say I would highly recommend Dr. Sebag and the VMR Institute to anyone in need of eye care.”

      • John

        “When I first started coming to Dr. Sebag, I was legally blind and after my treatments with Dr. Sebag I am now 20/20. I am so thankful to Dr. Sebag. My experience here at VMR Institute has been great. Everyone especially Dr. Sebag’s staff bends over backwards for you to make sure your visit here is pleasant. Thank you Dr. Sebag and Staff!”

      • Helene

        “I have been coming here to see Dr. Sebag for over 2 years and I am so pleased! He has given me my sight back and I am so thankful for that. The staff and Dr. Sebag treat me like a family member and my experience at the office has been nothing but positive. Thank you, thank you Dr. Sebag!”

      • J. Y.

        “Since I came to Dr. Sebag in 2006, I feel completely safe in the hands of a caring physician who is in the forefront of knowledge and skills. I am so blessed to have been able to maintain my vision all these years and I am 76 years old.  He cares deeply for his patients. 

        As a teacher, what I love the most about Dr. Sebag is that he travels and shares his skills, and knowledge and I have a tremendous amount of respect for that.” 

      • Jacquie L.

        A special thank you to Dr. Sebag and his staff for the time and attention given to me in the process of improving my eyesight and providing me with answers to my questions. 

        While there is still one step to complete I can once again enjoy the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds along with the reds, yellow, blue and greens that surround us.  The print in the books is once more becoming more legible and I can read again.  Without your efforts I would still be in a “muffled” world of sight.

      • Inez C.

        “Dr. Sebag at the VMR Institute in Huntington Beach gave me back my life. He is definitely a leader in his field. I have been suffering with floaters in both eyes for almost 7 years. I am otherwise a very healthy 69 year old woman that is very active and have no other medical conditions, but these dense floaters were negatively affecting my quality of life in every aspect. I did my research all these years. I first tried the Yag laser quite a few times, but unfortunately in my case it was not helpful to reduce my severe floaters. I was prepared to travel anywhere in the US, and I did, to find a retinologist that was not only sympathetic to this vitreous floater condition, but one who was also very expert and knowledgeable, and had performed many of these successful vitrectomies for floaters only. I was very thankful when we found out about Dr. Sebag. He has written a large textbook on the Vitreous and Retina, and he is an amazing clinician documenting every aspect of his research and the procedures with his patients. I had my first vitrectomy in Oct. 2016, and the next one in Feb. 2017. His assistants were terrific, and Dr. Sebag is very expert. He is such a qualified doctor and takes his profession very seriously. The surgery center was great and my eye patch was only on overnight. The surgery lasted no more than 20 minutes, with no discomfort. I was able to eat at my favorite restaurant immediately afterwards.
           Dr. Sebag is currently presenting his research and documenting his surgeries to retinologists and opthamalogists all over the country, so hopefully sooner than later, more physicians in this field will come to understand that floaters can impact the quality of life as adversely as cataracts or macular degeneration in many cases. Patients  need to be heard, validated, and treated . It takes much time to change the mindset of doctors and we desperately need more physicians like Dr. Sebag to be on the forefront of this important shift in treating vitreous floaters.
            Myself, my  husband, family, grandkids, and friends are so grateful to Dr. Sebag for his expertise in clearing up my eyes. I highly recommend him to any one suffering from vitreous floaters. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you Dr. Sebag.”

      • Dr. Crispin Eley

        “Over a period of about 18 months floaters in both my eyes developed and became so large that my personal and professional lives became intolerably affected. I was unable to read books, articles or text on my computer monitor; watching television was difficult and night driving had become challenging. After an extremely comprehensive series of diagnostic tests and thorough discussion with me both of the condition of my eyes and of the risks and benefits of surgery, Dr. Sebag performed a pars plana vitrectomy on each eye (at a three month interval). The results in my perception were spectacular – the clarity of vision in each eye was remarkable after the procedure. Results were obvious 24 hours after the vitrectomy and within a week I experienced the full benefit. Surgery was essentially pain free and I only experienced very minor discomfort during the recovery. The staff and facilities both at the surgery center and, particularly, at Dr. Sebag’s office were very personable and efficient. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sebag and his team for a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

      • T.L.

        “I am a 53-year-old male, who suffered from severe floaters in both eyes since young adulthood. After 25 years of living with this condition I pursued laser treatment, which was promoted as a low-risk treatment for my problem. Unfortunately, the laser treatment made my floaters substantially worse – motivating me to seek a vitrectomy to effect a proper cure. After a lengthy process of investigation, I was able to convince a well-known surgeon on the east coast to perform the procedure. I underwent a “floater only vitrectomy” (“FOV”) involving large gauge instruments and sutures. The procedure was a success, and after a tedious 60-day recovery period I had an FOV performed on my other eye.

        I was quite pleased with the results until roughly five years elapsed. At that point, I suffered a spontaneous detachment (“PVD”) of the remaining vitreous in my right eye. This created a significant blockage in my central field of vision that was akin to looking through an undulating kelp forest. This motivated me to see Dr. Sebag for a consultation.

        Prior to the visit, I was impressed by the doctor’s superb reputation and credentials. Upon meeting Dr. Sebag, however, I became more impressed by his compassionate and supportive demeanor. The excellent VMR staff ran me through a battery of diagnostic tests, which notably included ultrasound and contrast sensitivity. Dr. Sebag evaluated the results, interviewed me at length to understand my medical history and motivations, and ultimately told me he would perform the procedure.

        A month later I reported to the O.R. for the vitrectomy. Unlike my prior experiences, Dr. Sebag used fine gauge instruments with a sutureless technique. The procedure was quick and painless, and I was on my way a short time later. The next day, he removed the eye patch and I immediately enjoyed clear, floater-free vision. The subsequent recovery was extremely rapid, allowing me to return to normal activities within a few days.

        As I write this, three months have passed since the procedure. My vision remains clear, and I enjoy the same 20/20 vision I had prior to the surgery. There is no sign of cataract or retinal damage, and my contrast sensitivity has improved to the strong “normal” range.

        I am extremely happy with the result!

        Editorial Note:

        As a former lifelong sufferer from floaters, I find it remarkable that the ophthalmic community is divided on the risk/benefit equation associated with FOV procedures. Too often, it seems they dismiss floater patients as psychologically unstable, or tell them that they will get used to the condition in time. When you see life through a “snow globe”, there is little likelihood you will “get used to it”. Instead, you begin closing off areas of your life and avoiding circumstances that will highlight your problem. This was how I accommodated more than two decades of suffering from acute floaters.

        By way of background, I possess two Ivy League degrees, am the CEO of a major global industrial corporation, and have done extensive research on the physiology of the human eye – all of which is to say I am neither unstable nor uninformed. It is maddeningly frustrating to similarly informed patients desiring a FOV to be rebuffed or reduced to pleading – with practitioners too often touting dated beliefs about the risks of the procedure, while callously ignoring the benefit side of the equation.

        Conversely Dr. Sebag takes an objective approach. As one of the world’s leading experts on the retina and vitreous, he has employed innovative methods to measure and quantify the breakdown of the vitreous and the attendant impact on visual contrast sensitivity. If the results strongly suggest a significant improvement in quality of life, he will consider performing the procedure. If they don’t he may well decline. Whatever the decision, however, I believe he will act from a position of compassion – without subjecting the patient to a demeaning clinical lecture

        Dr. Sebag is a blessing. He has the courage of his convictions, which are built upon a vast body of original research and empirical data. He understands the significant quality of life improvement he can deliver with a fast, safe procedure.

        If you suffer from floaters, I strongly encourage you to see Dr. Sebag. I am incredibly grateful for his care.”

      • M.B.

        I do not want another day to go by without thanking you for clearing my eyes of floaters by Vitrectomy surgery. My sight had become very impaired to the point that I could no longer read without struggle and I knew I would have to give up driving for floaters were dimming my vision often to the degree that it seemed no longer safe to do so. To say I was depressed and discouraged is putting it mildly for doing handiwork, painting, reading have always been among my greatest joys and driving gave me independence. When you told me floaters could be removed, I still did not feel optimistic, feeling that at my senior years, there certainly couldn’t be much of an improvement. However, we made the arrangements and I went to the Newport Bay Surgery Center with little expectation and some trepidation. I was immediately put at ease by the very professional surrounds and a staff of kind and helpful nurses who made every effort to make me comfortable.

        I don’t remember the actual surgery as it doesn’t take much anesthesia to put me to sleep so happily I slept through it and awoke to find myself without pain and my eye covered for protection. The next day at your office, you removed the bandage and it was like a miracle. My eye was clear as it had not been for a long time. I felt I had received a gift of sight which indeed it is and I praise God for your years of study and education that gave your hands this wondrous work to do. I am also grateful to you and all the doctors in your field who work to discover new help for seniors so that our later years do not have to b spent in semi-darkness. What a joy it is every day to see the beautiful colors of nature and to read and drive knowing my sight is clear and unimpaired.

        ‘Thank you’ are small words but they relay a deep gratitude for a very special blessing.”

      • M.M.

        It has been two months since my right eye had a vitrectomy and I am taking my clear vision for granted, already. Both eyes have had vitrectomies.

        After having had two vitreous detachments about six months apart, both of my eyes had a disturbing amount of floaters. It was tough when the left eye had floaters, but after the right had the detachment, I was frustrated. I could see, but had to patiently wait to get floaters out of the way, so I could focus. Reading was particularly affected, because the act of reading left to right would move the settled floaters about the interior of the eye. The motion is likened to a plastic bag floating in an air draft in a confined space, similar to the plastic bag film clip in “American Beauty,” except with many more “bags” floating about.

        The first eye had a successful vitrectomy, improving my vision immediately. For the first time in years and especially since the detachments, I could see 100% clearly in one eye. The patch was removed the next day after surgery, and I could see with no distracting “stuff.”

        I was so pleased; I put off the second eye for four months. After the second eye’s surgery, I had complete clarity in both eyes! I was surprised at how much clearer my vision was. One becomes accustomed to compromised vision. The dramatic and immediate improvement of my vision surprised and delighted me.

        At this point, two months after the second surgery, I am already taking for granted that clear and clean vision is normal. So, in my experience, I would recommend this surgery to anyone frustrated or irritated by quantities of floaters obscuring their vision.

      • R.S.

        “This letter is being written in order to let the world know about Dr. Jerry Sebag, MD. Dr. Sebag has improved my life and my lifestyle more than I can possibly express at a point where I thought I would have to give up what I was enjoying in my retirement. About ten years ago, I had Laser Eye Surgery and shortly after that, started having what was diagnosed as “floaters” in my eyes. These floaters started out as the typical lines and small particles and progressively got worse until they were large gray-colored “globs ” that would pass over my eyes at different periods. Certain weather conditions made them worse. I am an active, retired senior. I participate in Senior Softball and the sport of Pickleball. My wife and I travel all around our local area and other states participating in sports. These floaters were seriously affecting my ability to play the sports that I so enjoy. I also had problems reading newspaper and seeing faces, especially if there was light behind them. After being diagnosed with cataracts, last fall I had cataract surgery on both eyes. After the cataract surgery, my vision was improved, but because the removal of the cataracts let in more light, my floaters were more visible, too! It was miserable. I spoke with my Ophthalmologist who performed the cataract surgery about the bothersome floaters and was told that I would “get used to them.” Playing in a softball tournament one day, I happened to speak with another player about the problem. He told me about a friend who had had some kind of experimental surgery to remove floaters by a Doctor Sebag in Huntington Beach. I wanted to get another opinion from another Ophthalmologist to see if there was anything that could be done without having to resort to experimental surgery. I was put through a battery of tests only to be told that nothing could be done and to “get used to them.” At that point, I told her about Dr. Sebag who is doing surgery to remove floaters. Her words to me were, “I have his book, if you have it done let me know how it goes,” but repeated that there was nothing that she could do. I went online and read about Dr. Sebag who was doing the floater-removal surgery, among other procedures. His credentials are very impressive. I made appointment to see him in Huntington Beach. Dr. Sebag’s office staff and technicians are extremely efficient and the procedures very thorough. My wife and I were very impressed with Dr. Sebag’s professionalism and positive presentation on what could be done to improve my vision. I had surgery on my right eye on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. I had no discomfort during her after the surgery and when I went back the next morning for my post operative appointment and the bandages were removed, Dr. Sebag asked, “what do you see?” and I said, “NO FLOATERS!” I will be scheduling surgery for my left eye in the very near future.

        I can’t recommend Dr. Sebag more highly. He has provided a resolution to a problem that was greatly affecting my lifestyle and one that others told me wasn’t possible. If anyone is having serious eye problems, I would highly recommend that they see Dr. Sebag for possible resolution. If he can’t fix it, then it probably can’t be fixed. I would be happy to provide any further information on my experience.

        Thank you, Dr. Sebag, for the miracle that you have performed for me which enables me to continue my healthy, active lifestyle!”

      • Andrea R.

        “Dr. Sebag, I have the most STELLAR visual acuity today. I cannot thank you enough. It’s like a dream-like someone cleaned a filthy window. I slept through the partial vitrectomy procedure and was ENTIRELY comfortable. When I first came to your office, I was in tears. I had gotten so used to not being able to see well, that I was in denial as to how much it affected me. When I was at work, I had to block it out of my mind and try to stare ‘through’ the material for a clear view of my patients. The internet falsely promised “neuro-adaptation”. When I first started to notice a blur, and then my ensuing  capsulotomy gave me 2 large veiling floaters, I was alarmed and pretty traumatized. I am only 54 and could not believe that my stellar vision after cataract surgery had diminished and deteriorated to the point it did. I was very depressed.  Dismayed that my my opthomologist suggested the veiling floaters would “settle down” (they did NOT), and discouraged that my retina ‘specialist’ suggested there was no explanation for my blur, others advised that vitrectomy for floaters was extreme and “too risky”, and that I should consider “living with” the intrusive material, all created an arduous journey. And then there was the risky inquisition of laser vitrolysis on the internet, misleading myself further for several months. Thank God, my friend, a brain surgeon at Kaiser, got your name from the heads of ophthalmology at Kaiser, and also [my doctor] finally mentioned you after I balked at him encouraging me to ‘wait out’ the problem. I only wish your work and specialty was known better to everyone in the field. There is a lot of ignorance out there I guess. I must say also that your new text is amazing, especially the visuals. My testimonial, if it is helpful to anyone, is available. Again, thank you for everything.”  

      • Glen T.

        I wanted to mention how incredibly pleased I am with how my left eye is better than ever after nearly 5 months of ongoing procedures to repair a detached retina and then a vitrectomy to remove extremely large and annoying floaters & light flashes in the same eye.

        Dr. Jerry Sebag who performed the surgical procedures did a phenomenal job as I was on the verge of going blind in my left eye due to the detached retina; an experience I hope I never have to endure again as although the surgical procedure was a success, the healing process was an arduous one and tested not only my patience, but my wife’s too!

        After my eye healed from the retina detachment surgery, I was left with a lot of annoying and large web like floaters in addition to light flashes I would see at night.  My vision would be obscured on a daily basis by the floaters.  Dr. Sebag was able to perform the vitrectomy procedure on an outpatient basis at the Newport Beach Eye Surgery Center about a month and half ago.  I am now able to see clearly out of my left eye (all floaters are gone!) and the light flashes are also history.

        I cannot begin to say how pleased I am with the final outcome and that also includes major props to all of the staff at the VMR Institute who treated me with so much kindness, friendliness, and were very professional at the same time. I would recommend the VMR Institute and Dr. Jerry Sebag  100,000%  as the premier eye institute and am extremely grateful that I was able have my eye surgeries done by them to save my eye from blindness!  Thank you very much for the awesome work!”

      • Donna

        “Having Macular Pucker for quite some time really put a damper on my life visually. It progressively continued to get worse over time to the point where the blurriness had gotten so severe that I had to give up my daily reading and my husband was now having to drive me more often due to the impairment. My current ophthalmologist recommended that I see Doctor Jerry Sebag for this issue. What a life saver!!!! After speaking with Doctor Sebag about my problem, he immediately ran tests to see what the exact problem was. He was very clear in explaining his findings and the procedure that he recommended to improve my condition. Doctor Sebag’s confidence, reassured me to go forward with the procedure. The day after the procedure, I had already begun to see an improvement in my vision. It has been a month and it continues to get better every day. I am now back to my usual reading and driving without any problems. I am so, so happy that I went through with the procedure. Doctor Sebag has been a true blessing. Thank you Doctor Sebag for making this all possible.”

      • Dennis W.

        “Dr. Sebag, In February of this year you did a cryopexie on my right retina and in March you repaired a macular pucker up in the right eye. You also noted that I had a cataract in that I would need to be removed in the future. I want to let you know that I had the cataract removed on Wednesday of this week. I went back for the follow up on Thursday and my vision was already 20/30.

        I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the brilliant work that you did for me that helped to make the results of my cataract surgery so successful.

         My sincere thanks again.”

      • Paul C.

        “I am 83.5. I have had Macula Degeneration on and off for many years. My vision had been progressively deteriorating for many years. Years ago I had laser photo-coagulation surgery twice by a surgeon in Beverly Hills.  During the past five years my central vision and a significant portion of my peripheral vision was totally gone and becoming worse. I believed I would be very fortunate if only I could retain the remaining impaired vision I had. My mother had become totally blind from the identical condition. I expected the same result.

        Recently Dr. Jerry Sebag has been treating my “Wet Macular Degeneration” for perhaps a year and a half. He has been injecting Lucentis into my right eye every 30 days. Every month since his treatment began, my vision has noticeably improved. The dark totally blind central area is totally gone. I can now read 3 lines on the eye chart. My vision continues to improve.

        Over the past 40 years my eyes have been treated by the best and most famous surgeons.  Dr. Jerry Sebag is a brilliant and internationally acclaimed Ophthalmic Surgeon. He is a professor at the USC School of Medicine, and with the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles. He recently published a 925 page treatise that is likely to become the reference hand book for all ophthalmologists. He regularly lectures to ophthalmologists around the world.

        My improving vision has enabled me to continue to operate my business. “hollywoodfurnishedapartments.com”.

        Dr. Jerry Sebag does create miracles.

      • Glen T.

        I wanted to mention how incredibly pleased I am with how my left eye is better than ever after nearly 5 months of ongoing procedures to repair a detached retina and then a vitrectomy to remove extremely large and annoying floaters & light flashes in the same eye.

        Dr. Jerry Sebag who performed the surgical procedures did a phenomenal job as I was on the verge of going blind in my left eye due to the detached retina; an experience I hope I never have to endure again as although the surgical procedure was a success, the healing process was an arduous one and tested not only my patience, but my wife’s too!

        After my eye healed from the retina detachment surgery, I was left with a lot of annoying and large web like floaters in addition to light flashes I would see at night.  My vision would be obscured on a daily basis by the floaters.  Dr. Sebag was able to perform the vitrectomy procedure on an outpatient basis at the Newport Beach Eye Surgery Center about a month and half ago.  I am now able to see clearly out of my left eye (all floaters are gone!) and the light flashes are also history.

        I cannot begin to say how pleased I am with the final outcome and that also includes major props to all of the staff at the VMR Institute who treated me with so much kindness, friendliness, and were very professional at the same time. I would recommend the VMR Institute and Dr. Jerry Sebag  100,000%  as the premier eye institute and am extremely grateful that I was able have my eye surgeries done by them to save my eye from blindness!  Thank you very much for the awesome work!”

      • F.O.

        In 2000, I was at the peak of my career both professionally, serving as a Police SWAT Commander, and physically fit, having competed in 3 Ironman Triathlons), when my life was suddenly disrupted by a detached retina in my left eye. “Disrupted” is an understatement! I was more in a state of shock after having been initially examined and told I may have suffered a minor stroke. Through a fate of luck, I was referred to Dr. Sebag whom I met in his previous office in Huntington Beach. Dr. Sebag examined me and immediately determined I had suffered a detached retina and not a minor stroke. My options were limited because I had suffered the detachment the previous day and the thought of losing my eyesight in my left eye was frightening.

        Dr. Sebag explained my options “firmly” but in a very detailed manner and within hours performed a Pneumatic Retinopexy on my left eye. I subsequently returned for follow up examinations by Dr. Sebag. My vision was completely restored and I subsequently returned in the following months to have some additional work done on both eyes as preventative measures. My visits with Dr. Sebag then became yearly merely to examine both eyes.

        The words on this page cannot in anyway do justice reference my opinion of Dr. Sebag. He is brilliant! The consummate professional in every sense of the word, yet he personable and sincerely cares about his patients. He takes the time to not only speak to his patients, but teach and comfort them regarding their concerns, and fears, this I can attest to personally. After having my suffered my retinal detachment, I started researching anything I could get my hands on reference retinal and vitreous fluid detachments, surgical options, preventative measures, and many questions to ask Dr. Sebag. Although extremely busy with other patients, he took the time to answer my questions, then left the examining room and returned shortly with copies of additional research data, plus a research book he had authored reference my concerns and questions.

        Additionally, I would like to clarify a comment I previously made. I mentioned earlier that when first examined by Dr. Sebag, he explained my options rather “firmly.” I mention that comment again because it’s exactly what I needed at the time. I was in a state of shock, discouraged and yes, I was feeling sorry for myself. I saw myself as this tough cop, and Ironman Triathlete! Dr. Sebag handled me perfectly. He explained the procedure, what to expect, my recovery, what he expected from me and in subsequent visits I saw a side of Dr. Sebag that I had failed to initially see. Over the years I have referred colleagues to Dr. Sebag who have complimented both he and his staff.

        Thank you Dr. Sebag and the entire staff at VMR Institute on behalf of my entire family and my professional colleagues whom you have treated.


    VMR Institute7677 Center Ave. #400
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647