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I do not want another day to go by without thanking you for clearing my eyes of floaters by Vitrectomy surgery. My sight had become very impaired to the point that I could no longer read without struggle and I knew I would have to give up driving for floaters were dimming my vision often to the degree that it seemed no longer safe to do so. To say I was depressed and discouraged is putting it mildly for doing handiwork, painting, reading have always been among my greatest joys and driving gave me independence. When you told me floaters could be removed, I still did not feel optimistic, feeling that at my senior years, there certainly couldn’t be much of an improvement. However, we made the arrangements and I went to the Newport Bay Surgery Center with little expectation and some trepidation. I was immediately put at ease by the very professional surrounds and a staff of kind and helpful nurses who made every effort to make me comfortable.

I don’t remember the actual surgery as it doesn’t take much anesthesia to put me to sleep so happily I slept through it and awoke to find myself without pain and my eye covered for protection. The next day at your office, you removed the bandage and it was like a miracle. My eye was clear as it had not been for a long time. I felt I had received a gift of sight which indeed it is and I praise God for your years of study and education that gave your hands this wondrous work to do. I am also grateful to you and all the doctors in your field who work to discover new help for seniors so that our later years do not have to be spent in semi-darkness. What a joy it is every day to see the beautiful colors of nature and to read and rive knowing my sight is clear and unimpaired.

‘Thank you’ are small words but they relay a deep gratitude for a very special blessing.

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