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It has been two months since my right eye had a vitrectomy and I am taking my clear vision for granted, already. Both eyes have had vitrectomies.

After having had two vitreous detachments about six months apart, both of my eyes had a disturbing amount of floaters. It was tough when the left eye had floaters, but after the right had the detachment, I was frustrated. I could see, but had to patiently wait to get floaters out of the way, so I could focus. Reading was particularly affected, because the act of reading left to right would move the settled floaters about the interior of the eye. The motion is likened to a plastic bag floating in an air draft in a confined space, similar to the plastic bag film clip in “American Beauty,” except with many more “bags” floating about.

The first eye had a successful vitrectomy, improving my vision immediately. For the first time in years and especially since the detachments, I could see 100% clearly in one eye. The patch was removed the next day after surgery, and I could see with no distracting “stuff.”

I was so pleased; I put off the second eye for four months. After the second eye’s surgery, I had complete clarity in both eyes! I was surprised at how much clearer my vision was. One becomes accustomed to compromised vision. The dramatic and immediate improvement of my vision surprised and delighted me.

At this point, two months after the second surgery, I am already taking for granted that clear and clean vision is normal. So, in my experience, I would recommend this surgery to anyone frustrated or irritated by quantities of floaters obscuring their vision.

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