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This letter is being written in order to let the world know about Dr. Jerry Sebag, MD. Dr. Sebag has improved my life and my lifestyle more than I can possible express at a point where I thought I would have to give up what Iw as enjoying in my retirement. About ten years ago, I had Laser Eye Surgery and shortly after that, started having what was diagnosed as “floaters “in my eyes. These floaters started out as the typical lines and small particles and progressively got worse until they were large gray-colored “globs ” that would pass over my eyes at different periods. Certain weather conditions made them worse. I am an active, retired senior. I participate in Senior Softball and the sport of Pickleball. My wife and I travel all around our local area and other states participating in sports. These floaters were seriously affecting my ability to play the sports that I so enjoy. I also had problems reading newspaper and seeing faces, especially if there was light behind them. After being diagnosed with cataracts, last fall I had cataract surgery on both eyes. After the cataract surgery, my vision was improved, but because the removal of the cataracts let in more light, my floaters were more visible, too! It was miserable. I spoke with my Ophthalmologist who performed the cataract surgery about the bothersome floaters and was told that I would “get used to them.” Playing in a softball tournament one day, I happened to speak with another player about the problem. He told me about a friend who had had some kind of experimental surgery to remove floaters by a Doctor Sebag in Huntington Beach. I wanted to get another opinion from another Ophthalmologist to see if there was anything that could be done without having to resort to experimental surgery. I was put through a battery of tests only to be told that nothing could be done and to “get used to them.” At that point, I told her about Dr. Sebag who is doing surgery to remove floaters. Her words to me were, “I have his book, if you have it done let me know how it goes,” but repeated that there was nothing that she could do. I went online and read about Dr. Sebag who was doing the floater-removal surgery, among other procedures. His credentials are very impressive. I made appointment to see him in Huntington Beach. Dr. Sebag’s office staff and technicians are extremely efficient and the procedures very thorough. My wife and I were very impressed with Dr. Sebag’s professionalism and positive presentation on what could be done to improve my vision. I had surgery on my right eye on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. I had no discomfort during her after the surgery and when I went back the next morning for my post operative appointment and the bandages were removed, Dr. Sebag asked, “what do you see?” and I said, “NO FLOATERS!” I will be scheduling surgery for my left eye in the very near future.

I can’t recommend Dr. Sebag more highly. He has provided a resolution to a problem that was greatly affecting my lifestyle and one that others told me wasn’t possible. If anyone is having serious eye problems, I would highly recommend that they see Dr. Sebag for possible resolution. If he can’t fix it, then it probably can’t be fixed. I would be happy to provide any further information on my experience.

Thank you, Dr. Sebag, for the miracle that you have performed for me which enables me to continue my healthy, active lifestyle!

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