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Vitreous_CoverHuntington Beach, Calif., October, 23, 2014 — VMR Institute, a leading facility for treatment of disorders of vitreous, macula, and retina in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, announced today that Dr. Jerry Sebag will release his encyclopedic text on the vitreous of the eye, entitled “Vitreous – in Health and Disease”, on Friday, October 24, 2014. The release of Vitreous marks the 25th anniversary of publishing his first book, titled “The Vitreous – Structure, Function, and Pathobiology”.

The vitreous body is one of the most mysterious organs, owing perhaps to its seeming simplicity. This tome reflects how much has been learned during the past quarter century in a 925-page work by Dr. Sebag as well as 99 contributing authors from around the world. The book features 56 chapters, with topics ranging from the role of vitreous in ocular physiology and vision to blinding disorders and the future of therapeutics, highlighted by nearly 600 illustrations, and videos. Vitreous offers new perspectives on: developing an artificial vitreous, imaging the invisible vitreous, surgical innovations employing robotics & virtual reality and timing of re-operations, as well as the visual impact and management of floaters and present and future pharmacotherapy.

About Dr. Jerry Sebag

A graduate of Columbia and Harvard, Dr. Sebag has authored 67 peer-reviewed original articles, three books, 45 chapters (not counting the 15 authored in this text), and 51 letters, editorials and reviews. He has been visiting professor at 47 institutions on five continents and is currently a full professor at the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles. Recipient of many awards, Dr. Sebag continues active engagement in both basic and clinical research, endeavoring to deepen our understanding of ocular health and disease and improve our ability to restore and protect vision, our most valued sense.

About VMR Institute

The VMR Institute in Huntington Beach has been a leading facility for the treatment of disorders of vitreous, macula, and retina for three decades. In addition to providing outstanding care for patients in the Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas, Dr. Sebag, and Dr. Chong also lend their expertise and knowledge to medical professionals throughout the country and the world.



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