VMR Goes to ARVO

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“Leading Eye and Vision Research” was the theme of the annual meeting for the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) which this May in Orlando, Florida.

As in past years, members of the VMR Institute staff and students were chosen to present their work and research at the prestigious conference.

Technician and Research Assistant, Kenneth Yee was picked to give a paper presentation on novel data collected at the VMR Institute in conjunction with the University of Washington in St. Louis and the University of Amsterdam.  The new research suggests that a modified way of performing floater vitrectomy may reduce the likelihood for follow-up cataract surgery or at least prolong the time until it’s needed.

USC medical student and VMR Institute research scholar Christianne Wa presenting her research on the impact “floaters” have on vision.

VMR Institute clinical technician and researcher, Justin Nguyen presenting his data which provides new insight into the way macular pucker eye disease affects vision.



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